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American Citizenship

Benefits of Becoming a US citizen

Benefits to becoming a US citizen
Current Events
Steps to becoming an American Citizen

Rights and Responsibilites of a US citizen

There are many benefits of becoming a US citizen.
When one becomes a US citizen they obtain;
  •      The right to vote
  •      The right to run for public office
  •      To be able to apply for a job with federal government
  •      The ability to legally bring familly members in to the United States.
  •       If a child is under the age of 18, they automatically become US citizens
  •      They recieve social security benefits
  •      They are given the ability to travel to other countries and return to the US
Along with the rights obtained by a US citizens they are protected by the Bill of Rights and the other amendments. The Bill of Rights give citizens;
  •      Freedom of Religion
  •      Freedom to assemble
  •      Freedom to keep and bear arms
  •      Freedom of speech
  •      Freedom of the Press
  •      Protection for those Accused of Crimes

There are also many responsibilites to becoming a US citizen. Citizens of the US are involved with their government.  This insures that the power will remain with the people. although voting is a right, it is also a rewponsibility. Voting gives citizens a voice in the government. Citizens are also called to serve as a jury in a random trial. They would then determine if the case is fair or not. All citizens must obey laws, respect the rights of others, and must pay income taxes on time and honestly.

Current Events involving American Citizenship


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