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In these past few months, the US has been divided on the debate of illegal immigrants. In the US there is a about 11 to 12 million illegal immigrants. Many people believe that all illegal immigrants should be sent back to their home land, while others believe that there undocumented workers should be allowed to stay temporarily while they are on a path to citizenship.

This issue is in the news for many reason. On is that it directly affect the US citizens. Every citizen is required to pay taxes, while the illegal immigrants do not pay. It is unfair to the citizens of the US. Many Americans also believe that the illegal immigrants our hurting out economy because there are 11 million jobs that are not offered to citizens. This issue has been present in the recent news because the government will soon take action on the illegal immigrants.

The issue I brought up in class for many reasons. For one, the effects of the laws will be present when we graduate and become a part of the real world. We should also be aware of the issue because it is possible that many of our piers are going to be affected by the new immigration laws.

I think something needs to be done on the issue. I do not believe that we should send them back for ever, but if they want to be citizens they need to start paying taxes like the rest of America. I do agree with senators John Cornyn and Jon Kyle. They believe a good plan of action is to give the illegal immigrants six months to register with the government. The immigrants could stay in the US as long as they pay a fine of 2,000 dollars annually to renew there temporarily citizenship. I also agree the immigrants should have to return or be in contact with their homeland government and complete the step by step process to becoming a citizens, just like all other legal immigrants. What ever the plan of action is, something needs to be done soon.


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